Dallas Horseshoe Project - Scheduled Completion mid-2017

(Margaret McDermott Bridge/IH-30/IH-35) 

​The Horseshoe Project is managed by the Texas Department of Transportation TxDOT) is upgrading bridges that cross the Trinity River at IH-30 (Margaret McDermott Bridge) and I-35E as well as updating the route geometry for connecting roadways where they all converge near downtown Dallas' Central Business District. This project meets the NCTCOG 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) http://www.nctcog.org/trans/mtp/  The project is anticipated to be complete 2017.

The steel placement for the twin arches (eastbound and westbound I-30) is complete on the Margaret McDermott Bridge with TxDOT's contractor, American Bridge, having placed all the steel arch segments.  Cable tensioring is being completed for the eastbound arch and construction of the pedestrian and bike bridge deck is underway with crews working on the new pedestrian deck. These steps will follow in the months ahead for the westbound arch. This graceful bridge, designed by renowned engineer and architect Santiago Calatrava, takes commuters and visitors across the Trinity River, one of the busiest and beautiful bridge crossings in North Texas.  

Dallas Horseshoe Project Info

Center Steel Video​ - 2015

IMG_1091.JPG​​  ​
       C​enter Steel in place on westbound arch for Margaret McDermott Bridge. 

                                                                     ​ Photo by Estela Ornelas video by David Worthington

The Margaret McDermott Bridge is named after the philanthropist and wife of the founder of Texas Instruments. She was the first person to make a personal contribution that ensured Dallas' ability to secure Santiago Calatrava as the designer to meld architectural beauty with functionality for bridges over the Trinity River. The City of Dallas has worked with TxDOT, legislatures, the region to make this funding a priority.

For the IH-30 Bridge, the signature addition that will result in the Margaret McDermott Bridge features pedestrian and bicycle access in and around downtown, the floodway and Oak Cliff.



Rendering of Completed Margaret McDermott Bridge with two arches.


Financing for the Horseshoe Project
Construction $700 million
Design, Construction, Management & Testing $56 million
Right of Way (R.O.W) & Utilities $62 million

Texas Department of Transportation - Horseshoe Project

Steel Fabrication Info

American Bridge is the contractor for erecting the steel arches and bridges working on the Horseshoe Project. The steel is being fabricated in Tampa, Florida at Tampa Steel Erecting Company, Florida's oldest steel company.

Shop Overview (Arch Segment EA1-N foreground & jigs for Exterior Longitudinal Girder)
Arch Segment WA1-N shelled out.
Arch Segment WA1-S
Arch Segment WA3-S.
Arch Segments WA4-N and WA4-S.
Arch Segment WA4-N.
Strut splice at Arch Segment WA4-N.
Arch Segment WA4-S Illumination Housing.
Arch Segment EA4-S.
Arch Segment EA7 at bifurcation.
Laydown – Arch Segments EA8, EA7, EA6 (N&S), and EA5 (N&S).
Stairs in Arch Segment EA5-N.
Arch stairs components.
Arch longitudinal stiffener retrofit work.
Arch longitudinal stiffener retrofit work.
Arch Segment A14. Interior painted, exterior primed.
Interior of Arch Segment A14.
Superstructure Transverse Floorbeams.
Superstructure Exterior Girder.

Steel Continues to rise for Margaret McDermott Bridge

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the City of Dallas continue to place steel for the City's second signature bridge: the Margaret McDermott Bridge. View of first segment video.

View Installation of Segments 6 & 7 Video

View the Tampa Steel Fabrication Photo Report​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​